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This week Hannibal is preparing for the premiere of The Jonah People!!

Follow us at for more up-to-date details!

Here's a thought shared by Hannibal:

My efforts as a musician have primarily been to affirm that humans are the miraculous replication of an eternal process.

The concept of sin is but a creation of men who seek power by way of fear, thus creating the unending wars of greed, and destruction.

Sin is the result of not acknowledging both the mortal and the immortal of ourselves.

We are all bound by the perfect principles of nature.

It is a perfect principal which exists in us all.

The sunlight brings light into the temple that is the entire Earth.

It’s life giving food not only

feeds the lands deemed more sacred than others by the measured thinking of some beings, it covers the entirety of

of our divine home.

All about us are the temples of life. The ocean, forest, land and sky.

It is in these living temples, and in the temples of ourselves that we become The Everlasting.


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