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One Land One River One People

One Land One River One People is a creation story told in three veils. Veil one is entitled The Veil of Creation. Veil two, The Veil of Imparted Knowledge and Divine Instruction. Veil three bears the title of Eternal Being. At the harmonic center of this composition lies the blues, in the key of c minor.

Initially I did not fully understand the timeless and universal meaning of the titles. After living for sixty six years in America as a Man of Jonah, I assumed that One Land referred to Africa, One River to The Nile, and One People to the African. This was cleared up by a visit from the spirit of my Great Great Grandmother, a Cherokee Shaman who escaped Andrew Jackson's death march known as The Trail of Tears. She hid in a cave on the Colorado River in Upton, Texas where she met and lived with my grandfather's grandfather. She was the consummate healer of both body and spirit. I was thirteen and facing certain destruction when her spirit first visited me.

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