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Excerpt from One Land, One River, One People, Hannibal's Current Project

All the beings of the world will one day come to see

the truth of their nature. And the lies of ignorance, fear and hatred will be gone from them and all that they do. Their minds will recall the cosmic womb from which it came and death will be known for the gift that it is.

And grace will at last become their wealth and peace

will become the ruler of the land. And this peace will

hold them like a child holds a bowl full of all that it

needs to grow in mind flesh and spirit.

Then nations will fly the flag of One Land, and the pain of being, will be no more.

Text from Veil One of Hannibal's One Land,

One River, One People.

@2014 all rights reserved

Commissioned by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra

World Premier January 19, 2015 at Girad College, Philadelphia, PA. A Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday celebration.

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